Quick start to evaluation

  1. Call the phone with the app from a remote phone. Once it rings hang up.
  2. Examine recent calls. Make sure the number does not have a name in your Contacts. If it has, delete it from Contacts.
  3. Once recent calls only show a number, copy it into the clipboard.
  4. Open “Bury Contacts” App.
  5. Open “Bulk Load” tipping edit in the top right corner.
  6. Tap on the default data and enter edit mode. Select All. Paste. This will delete default data and insert the number you copied previously. Append a space and a label.
  7. Run bulk load tipping play in the top right corner.
  8. Go back to recent calls and find out it lists “BC: ” and the label you typed previously. Other numbers still in “Contacts” continue to work. You have now separate private “Contacts” and buried business contacts.
  9. If the label does not show up, you might need to enable the “Call Directory Extension” in Preferences -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification.
  10. Repeat first step. Incoming call will list “BC” identification label

Have fun!